Silver Quay Boathouse

Project Overview

Working in partnership with local architect Bywater & Tweedale, the bulk of the project was the complete demolition of the existing boathouse and then rebuild to create a totally watertight luxury lakeside property.

Innovative processes were developed and deployed, including special tanking used on lower level and waterproof doors off the jetty, which were tested to the full when the lake level dramatically rose.

Click here to view a video the of the doors doing their job.

We can’t thank James, Dan, Graeme and all the team enough for all the brilliant, clever, thoughtful, well-planned and detailed construction work on our project in the Lake District. From start to finish and through difficult building procedures they are have all been professional in every way and fantastic to work with.

I would highly recommend them for any project and look forward to working closely with them again on future projects.
— Cris Nuttall, Owner
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